One thing the team at is very interested in seeing is what topics take off on the site and via social media. This week, we worked with our first boosted post on the site and found the results to be interesting.

It’s no surprise that comparisons of media coverage on political figures in an election year will garner a lot of commentary. What we found from the boosted post though, was what seemed to be a significant number of commenters that may or may not have actually read the articles/clicked on the juxtaposition.

The comparison in question was about Obama’s visit to Flint, Michigan this week. It wasn’t necessarily one of the most polarizing juxtapositions we’ve seen, but the comments and memes tended to jump right in. The comments also seemed to grow at a pace not matching the pace of actual link clicks – that’s what caught our eyes. We’re hoping we can learn from what’s important to users and continue to improve the experience at

Would a rating scale of some sort be of interest so you can rank how swayed the coverage of a story may be? Let us know!