Why do we need juxtaposed.media?

This recent article/poll from Gallup is about the best reinforcement that we’ve ever seen when asking why a tool like juxtaposed.media is necessary.

Americans’ Trust in Mass Media Sinks to New Low

It is easy to look at one side of a story and not very convenient to expose yourself to more. juxtaposed.media is hoping to provide more comprehensive coverage by giving many sides of the same story – hopefully rebuilding trust in the media by showing comparisons that let users draw real conclusions based on consistent facts.

We often come across readers that would prefer to receive their news from one source – the one they’ve been listening to/reading since early adulthood generally. What we are seeing now though, especially during this election cycle, is that readers are beginning to question whether they even trust their favorites any more. Ideally, people will begin to absorb more facts and angles to create a better informed consumer public.